Dear Devotee, 

Jai Sai Ram

Jai Maruti Jai Maruti

Our greetings to all the readers of this quarterly newsletter of Sri Sai Darshan Trust.  Quite a few significant events took place during these three months, that began with Guru Poornima in July.


Guru Purnima Day

Talking of various events during the quarter, we first start off with Guru Poornima which was celebrated on July 22nd. The three day event was kicked off appropriately with a Puja performed by Gurumaa to the Shiva Lingam dome atop the main sanctum sanctorum on the Pradhosham day. With several devotees present, this kicked off three days of utter devotion, worship, besides lovely festivities including lots of music, dance, color, and of course, delicious food! Special feature this year was a “Vilakku puja” that was performed along with the chanting of Lalitha Sahasranamam on day 1 of the two day Guru Purnima events that were scheduled. After the noon aarti and annadhanam, this was then followed by an amazing music performance by students of Smt. Manjula Rajagopalan. 

Radha Kalyanam was performed, that commenced on the evening of the day before Guru Poornima, continuing through the morning of Guru Poornima day. The celebration was filled with dance, music, and sincere Bhakti, with total participation by all devotees present, until late at night. During the Radha Kalyanam, Krishna’s leelas and his glory were explained by the Bhagawatars who wonderfully performed the Kalyanam. After the conclusion of Radha Kalyanam, a Padha puja was performed for our loving and Revered Guru, Gurumaa, by all the devotees with total devotion and sincerity. During the three days of festivities, Annadhanam was performed, with participation by over 600 to 700 devotees each day.


Krishna Janmashtami Puja 

Other major events during the quarter were Krishna Janmashtami on August 28th and Sri Vinayaka Chathurthi on September 9th. A special Alankaram was done for the presiding deities on the respective dates, followed by all the regular procedures of a puja with archana. This was then followed by Prasadam that included lots of delicious sweets and Prasad.  The regular pujas were concluded with Bhajans sung in praise of Lord Krishna and Lord Ganesha.  Throughout the events, all the devotees were led together by Maa in rendition of Bhajans.

As with other major events, the puja and aarti was followed by Annadhanam on each occasion.

Navarathi Dusshera

We are also getting prepared for Navarathrithat commences on the 5th of October. Elaborate pujas and decoration will mark the 9 days of Navarathri that runs until the 13th of October, that will conclude with Vijayadashmi on the 14th of October, which also marks the Shri Shirdi Sai’s Punya thithi or Samadhi day.

Major upcoming events

For the big event of this year, we have our annual December program from the 26th until the 29th. This program is not to be missed, that you can call it a once-in a lifetime opportunity  if you would like. There will be havans for Bramha, Vishnu and Shiva respectively, with thirty six pundits conducting the homam/Puja.  This is all scheduled as instructed by Baba Himself with specific details on the arrangement and design of the havans spelt by Baba Himself. The arrangements will include a symmetrical six-sided star, consisting of two equilateral triangles, one inverted upon the other, and thus the havan kundas will each be placed at their respective tips of the star. And in the center of this star, will be Maa, who will be seated in meditation. As stated before, it will be a spectacular event, one to not be missed...definitely a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity event! 

Other Developments in Ashram 

As always, we are updating the ashram in order to improve it in whatever way possible. Currently, the goshala has been demolished in order to make way for a “new and improved” (bigger and better) and much more “cow-friendly” area. As for other projects, our ashram’s activities like, Medical Camp and Thursday events are attracting a larger audience and wider participation that continues to grow every week. Attendance in Annadhanam continues to swell every week with over 700 devotees partaking, while about 150 to 200 villagers visit our monthly medical camps. In order to accommodate this growth, we are installing a new stainless steel handrail on the veranda in the Annadhanam/medical camp building to ensure efficiency, organized conduct and easier access to all. 

May Baba’s grace and Maa’s blessings be with us all.

Jai Sai Ram

Jai Maruti Jai Maruti