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Jai Sai Ram

Jai Maruti Jai Maruti

Welcome dear Sai brothers and sisters to this year’s 2nd quarter’s newsletter. Preparations are underway for the annual Guru Purnima celebrations and all the devotees are down with function fever!  Besides the prep and planning for all of the pujas and annadhanams, the ashram has been through a whole new makeover as well!  


Ashram Makeover


As we are aware about the Global warming and its ill effects to the mother earth & its beautiful natural habitats, Sri Sai Darshan has taken a step forward towards Cleaner & Greener environment by installing shiny new Solar Panels that generate energy by drawing in Surya Prana  and converting it into useable energy to meet the daily demands of the ashram such as; lights, fans, fridges etc...  They are fixed atop Maa’s cottage, and adds to it, more beauty and charm.  It took a while to understand how it all connects together but once we got the hang of it, it’s a piece of cake.

To add icing on the cake the ashram campus has undergone a greener makeover, literally with our new gardener/horticulturist that comes to work every other day. It happened a couple of months back when we decided to finally grow grass in the ashram.  We hesitated all these years for fear of the cows snacking of the grass as they cross it to get to and fro the grazing field each day.  It was a task to raise a temporary fencing to keep the cattle out of the newly planted grass, but with effort and determination it was achieved.  Now the grass is set and looks beautiful and we are still surprised that we actually have a lawn in the ashram.  


Guru Purnima Invitation 

 As for Guru Purnima, I hope this newsletter acts not just as an agenda of programs, but also as a mini invitation for you all to come and join in on the celebrations.  The wise say that Vyasa Purnima (Guru Purnima) is one of the most auspicious and important days of the year to worship the Guru.  Here in the ashram we will be worshipping not only our Guru Parampara, but many other Gurus and Saints as well during the Vyasa Puja that will take place on the Monday, 22nd July 2013. 

The program is on the 21st and 22nd and includes Nagar Sankeertan in the mornings at 6 a.m. followed by Vedic chants dedicated to Lord Shiva, then a Villakku Puja (lamp/Devi puja) while chanting Lalitha Sahasranama.  This will be performed by 216 ladies and kanyas in our hall with 54 individually lit lamps representing the divine Goddess Shakti. Arathi and annadhanam  will take place as usual followed by and musical/devotional presentation by Mrs. Manjula Rajagopalan and her young and talented students.  The day ends with high tempo Bhajans by Sri T. Sankaran and party, a group of retirees so energetic, enthusiastic and talented that they put us all to shame.  The next day, the 22nd also kicks off with the same early morning program but is followed by Radha Krishna Kalyanam and the actual Purnima and Vyasa pujas performed by Sripadha and Krishnapadha in the prayer hall.  After lunch Satyanarayana puja/katha and Baba’s Palki procession will be the grand finale.  Of course Annadhanam will be performed on both the days plus outside at a Christian Home for the mentally challenged.

Maa made a short trip to the U.S. for a month and spent that time in Phoenix and Dallas.  Unlike the previous trips to the U.S. which had a few major pujas and events this trip was comparatively scaled down.   Of course the families that got the fortune of Maa gracing their homes are indeed blessed as Maa not only brings in positives vibes and happiness, but also Baba’s divine presence.

Speaking of travelling, Krishnapadha also made a short excursion to Uttarakand/Uttarkashi and stayed for two weeks as per Gurumaa’s instructions.  It was during the hard times that we all heard about in the news but by Baba’s incredible grace and Maa’s protection he was completely safe and sound, and returned without the least bit of inconvenience.  Sri Sai Darshan requests all of you to pray for the peace and safety of all in Uttarkashi and the various regions of Kedarnath, Gouri Kund etc...  This is when our prayers and energy counts the most and it is these types of situations that give us an opportunity to selflessly pray for others in real need, which is the real mission of Sri Sai Darshan.

Well besides all of this, our weekly annadhanam and monthly medical camps are successfully moving along with same gusto as always.

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May you all be filled with Sai’s divine grace and Maa’s blessings.


Jai Maruti Jai Maruti