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Our greetings to all the readers of the first edition of 2013 quarterly newsletter of Sri Sai Darshan Trust.

The year 2013 was ushered in with usual fun and frolic on Dec 31 with several devotees present. A mid-night abhishekam to Baba was performed with each and every devotee present able to offer abhishekam to Baba. Fire crackers were lit by devotees and sweets distributed by Maa, to welcome the new year.



The first event of the year was celebration of the South Indian harvest festival, Pongal, on Jan 14th, 2013 followed by Maattu Pongal (worship of sacred cow) on Jan 15th. To mark the significance of this auspicious day, Maa personally cooked food outside the GoShaala with a choola using wood to burn the fire and an earthern pot vessel to cook.  GoPuja was performed with usual sanctity as Maa cooked special dishes for the occasion. This was a three hour exercise as devotees present helped Maa in the preparation and enjoying her stories about the traditional worship of cows. Sweet Pongal (Chakkarai Pongal) was prepared by Maa, which was offered to the cows and later to all devotees present.

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Maha Kumbha Abhiskekam

  Maha Kumbhabhishekam was performed at the Temple during Jan 19th to Jan 23rd, 2013. This event was a grand success attended by well over 1,000 devotees during the 5 day event. The events were note worthy especially since it was an undertaking entirely performed by devotees marked with complete devotion, sincerity and dedication, with the vedic rites for the main event on Jan 23 conducted and led by Sri Yegnaratnam Dikshitar and his group, to chantings of vedic mantras and hymns.

 The main event on Jan 23rd, Kumbhaabhishekam, was preceded by various rituals during the four days from Jan 19th till Jan 22.  The events began with Poorvaanga Puja on Jan 19th followed by the Gatasthapanam on the same day, to install Kalashas for various deities in the temple premises. After the Kalashas were installed, Maa did the Prana Prathishta for all the Kalashas. In all, 96 Kalashas filled with water from Ganges were installed at the Yaga Shaala, for puja and japam to be conducted every day, before the water from these Kalashas were to be used for abhishekam on the Maha Kumbha abhishekam day on Jan 23. Maa specifically had traveled to Rishikesh in November to bring water from Ganges for this auspicious occasion.

 On Jan 20th, a Sai Lakshaarchana (chanting of Om Shri Sai Nathaya Namah) was performed by over 300 devotees.

 On Jan 21st, Pancha Gayatri Homam was performed by the devotees, where offerings were made to Ganapathy, Shiva, Durga, Dhanavanthri and Shirdi Baba. Over 50 Homa kundams were set up for all devotees to perform Homam. Each of the Gayatri mantras was chanted 54 TIMES and the homam performed with total sincerity and devotion by all. Over 300 devotees came from around the nearby villages to partake in this offering that consisted of cow ghee and various herbs.

 On Jan 22nd, Mahanyasa Rudra Japam and Rudra Abhishekam was performed led by Sri Shankaran and party to the chantings of Maha Rudram. As the Rudram was loudly being chanted in unison by all devotees led by Sri Shankaran, elaborate abhishekam was performed for the Atma Lingam located in front of Baba Sannidhi.

 The festivities reached its zenith on the final day on Jan 23rd, when Maha Kumbaabhiskeham was performed. The day’s events began with Rudra Ekadasi Japam and Homam performed with full Vedic relish by Priests led by Shri Yegnaratnam Dikshitar. The occasion was also graced and honored by the presence of Swami Shri Sadashiva Giri of GnananandaTapovanam, Swami Sri OmSekharananda from Thiruvannamalai, Swami Sri Shuddha Bhramananda Saraswathi ,discipleof Swami Dayananada Saraswathi,  Swami Sri Swarupananda from Sri Ramakrishna Vedanta Ashramam , Thiruchy and Swami Sri Ishwarananda from Uthandi Swami Shuddhananda’s ashram. After the Rudra Homam concluded and Poorna Aahuti was performed, holy water from all the kalashams to which regular Japam and offerings were made over the 4 previous days, were used to perform abhishekam to all shrines at the aashram, performed personally by Maa.

 It was an unbelievable experience to witness over 1000 devotees present and participate so actively in the Kumbaabhishekam. The sight of so many devotees and their devoted participation was a sight to behold and was certainly marks a landmark experience for the Sri Sai Darshan. Devotees gathered all around the temple to have the glimpse of this significant abhishekam that is performed only once in every 12 years.

 Aside from the main events as stated above, special programs were held every evening, that included soul stirring Bhajans by Sri Manjapra Mohan from Kerala, wonderful depiction of Sri Krishna and Radha’s love through the performance of Radha Kalyanam by Sri K. K. Sundaram and party, and melodious rendition of Carnatic music by Neyveli Sri. R Santhana Gopalan and party.

 Through all the five days during this event, a three course meal was served for all devotees who visited the temple or who came to offer prayers or participate in the daily events. Over 1000 devotees were served food on the Maha Kumba Abhishekam day and at least another 1250 devotees were served food over the other 4 days.

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Sri Sai Darshan Trust Anniversary 

 Sri Sai Darshan trust celebrated its anniversary on Feb 26, 2013. A Ganapathy Homam was performed on the occasion at the Yaga Shaala in the aashram, followed by Annadhaanam to devotees present at the temple, as well as at a local shelter for homeless.

Guru Maa’s Birthday

 March 31st is the birth day of our revered Guru, GuruMai Shanthamma. In response to an overwhelming invitation from all devotees in Delhi, Maa decided to travel to Delhi for the occasion and spent with the devotees there during March 26th to April. To celebrate the auspicious day of Maa’s Birthday, a 3 hour Bhajan session led by a talented and a professional group in Delhi mesmerized the audience with total participation by all. This was then followed by Padha Puja to Maa and concluded with Mangala aarti and Prasadam. An Annadhanam was also performed by the devotees in Delhi to celebrate Maa’s birthday.

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Monthly Events at the Aashram

 Monthly medical camps are held as usual on the second Saturday of each month. These camps continue to draw an increasing number of patients from nearby villages to avail of the services and are becoming very successful. About 125 to 150 patients benefit from this camp each month, attended to for all basic aliments by a team of professional and dedicated doctors, who are also helped with supply of medicines free of cost. With Baba’s blessings, medical camps and Annadhanam service have proved a huge success in Trust’s charitable activities more and more people are beginning to take note of the service and continue to be a huge draw.

 Annadhanam service continues every Thursday. With increasing success of this service as noted above, we serve over 500 devotees every Thursday during the afternoon annadhanam. The news of this service s now very widespread in nearby villages that the afternoon aarti on Thursdays are attended to by increasing number of devotees and villagers who will enjoy the sumptuous food served at the center.

 We also provided dinner for 200 mentally challenged and disabled people of the local community in an institution, five times, which was likewise very gratifying.

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May Baba’s grace and Maa’s blessings be with us all.

Jai Sai Ram

Jai Maruti Jai Maruti