Welcome dear devotees to this quarter’s newsletter! This quarter at Sri Sai Darshan was as spiritually vibrant as usual, if not more. The ashram continues to grow in its beauty (which was mentioned in the previous newsletter) and of course creates an unparalleled sense of peace in all who are lucky enough to spend time within its walls. 

On April 8th, we celebrated Ram Navami at the Sri Rama Darbar shrine. The festivities included paal (milk) abishekam, followed by delicious neermor (buttermilk) and paanagam (jaggery water spiced with cardamom, ginger, and lemon).  Neermor is especially appetizing considering the weather we’ve been having here. The sunny skies combined with the humidity have been unyielding in their attacks. However, the lack of cool air bestowed us with around 7,000 mangoes, so perhaps the tradeoff isn’t too bad. The resulting variety of dishes (mango pickle, manga pachadi, manga kozhumbu, etc.) certainly sweetened the deal. Thankfully, the abundance of foliage in the ashram allows for some shade and respite. Among the foliage, new arrays of birds have made homes for themselves – kingfishers, green parrots, and quails to name a few. They definitely add color and vibrant sounds to the atmosphere! In addition to the various sky dwellers, we have found a variety of snakes around the premises. One in particular has definitely given us a YouTube worthy attack performance.

This quarter, we also welcomed four new baby calves in our Goshala – Shanmukha, Nagaraj, Dhanalakshmi, and Srinivas. The cows in the goshala are all flourishing, and providing the delicious milk that we use here in the ashram. In fact, as many of you would know, we use this same milk to make our curd. This curd not only feeds those of us at the ashram, but a variety of others through our regular Thursday annadanam as well as the Veerapuram annadanam. The Veerapuram annadanam is for a Christian-based setup for the mentally disabled and homeless. The cooked food (Kesari, Curd rice, fried rice, Vada, Idli, and pickle) is taken to feed 210 individuals. Annadanam is a large part of Sri Sai Darshan, which is shown through its extension outside of the Chennai base. Devotees in New Delhi conduct a monthly havan followed by Narayana seva. This group of about 14 families serves poori, aloo mattar, and sweet to approximately thirty destitute children. It is also important to mention that our own Annadanam is flourishing. The hall was recently painted inside and out, and looks absolutely fantastic. Our annadanam feeds about 500 people every week, on average.  Every week, the people coming to our annadanam are served mixed rice, curd rice, and a sweet.  

The past week saw an influx of arts to the ashram grounds. On June 28, students of Silambam Phoenix (and Bangalore) presented Krishnam Vande Jagatgurum, an hour and a half long thematic Bharatanatyam production in the main temple. This dance drama was a production on the life of Krishna. The following day, we welcomed a violin kutcheri by vidwan Sri. R.K. Shriramkumar, Sri. Arun Prakash (mridangam). Vocalist Ms. Amritha Murali, who was visiting, was gracious enough to join the other artists and sing a few compositions. It was a mesmerizing afternoon of dulcet tones..

Maa recently took trips to Pazhani and Kashmir. She traveled to both locations with devotees and visited the temples. In Kashmir, she went to the Shankaracharya temple, Hari paarvhat, and Kheer bhavani.  In addition, in May, Krishnapadha gave a talk on stress management at the Madras Management Association, and another one at Tanishq. The monthly medical camps and purnima pujas are continuing, along with the bimonthly pradosha pujas. July 12th is Guru purnima, and we look forward to those auspicious festivities eagerly.

     Sri Satchidananda Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai!

The Annadhanams each Thursday, Monthly Medical Camps, Purnima Pujas, Bi-monthly Pradosha Pujas are all flowing well into the regular event schedule and we thank you all for your continuous support.


May Baba’s grace and Maa’s blessings be showered on us all.

Jai Sai Ram Jai Maruthi Jai Maruthi!