Brahmachari Krishnapadha


Born and brought up in the United States, Krishnapadha joined the Ashram when he was 21.  In the year 2001 he took  an oath to lead his life as a Brahmachari  and is now a Trustee of Sri Sai Darshan Trust.   He had been searching for a spiritual guide at a very early stage of his life and he met Gurumai Shanthamma in the year 1997 during one of her visits, while he was pursuing his graduate degree.  Krishnapadha visited the Ashram twice before deciding to dedicate his life to spiritual pursuits.  As an accomplished pranic healer, he  has deep knowledge of the inner workings of the subtle bodies, beyond the physical structure.  He has conducted yoga and chakra meditation courses and day-retreats in the U.S. and Canada for the betterment of mental and physical balance.  He also maintains the goshala, temple, and overall ashram activities.  Krishnapadha accompanies Gurumaa in most of her world peace tours conducting havans, laksharchanas, and guided prayers.  Krishnapadha focuses his efforts and energies primarily by spreading Maa’s teachings of universal love by preaching and giving talks on  spiritual matters.