Brahmachari Sripadha


Brahmachari Sripadha, has been with Sri Sai Darshan Trust (Chennai), since 1999 and dedicated his life to spiritual pursuits. He had the good fortune to meet Gurumai Shanthamma, affectionately addressed as Guru Maa by her devotees, at an early age and would often visit her when he lived in Delhi. While he was pursuing his M.C.A., degree course , he intended to visit Sri Sai Darshan Ashram for a single day. His interest and passion to serve mankind while in the ashram as well as his devotion to Maa, his guru, grew more and more from that day till now. In the year 2001 he took an oath to lead his life as a Brahmachari. Sripadha has rendered yeoman service to the Ashram at all levels. Being a Trustee he helps manage the ashram’s day to day affairs. He also organizes the monthly medical camps and construction activities. He has good knowledge of Hindu philosophy and scriptures, including Vastu and Astrology. He maintains the garden and takes care of the goshala (cow shed). His deep involvement in the temple/ Ashram activities makes him an outstanding asset to the ashram.