Guru Poornima 2015

This year, Guru Poornima fell on July 31st, denoting a day full of happiness and fervor. A morning Shivaabishekam started off the day while simultaneously chanting the Rudram and Chamakam, which all led up to a Devi Pooja in the evening which was done while chanting Lalitha Sahasranamam. The Shivaabhishekam and the Devi Pooja were both performed for the Swayambu Shivashakti Lingam, which is notably worshipped only once a month during the Poornimas. Concurrently along with the Shivaabhishekam in the morning, Vyasa Pooja was performed to invoke all the Gurus from all paramparas as done by all ashrams as a tradition. This was then followed by the Padha Pooja performed for our beloved Gurumaa, as done every year. The bag of rice kept in Dwarakamai was also changed, as it is annually, to symbolize the abundance of blessings and food from Baba. Next, after the noon arathi, the artful evening full of contagious joy, began. The Palki Procession of Baba’s padukas kicked off in the evening, with devotees dancing and singing with overwhelming bhakti in the front while devotees behind them followed, carrying the Palki through each pradakshinam. Gurumaa carried the palki for one pradakshinam as well. Words cannot describe the enthusiasm of the devotees and the fervor of the procession, all of which left the vibrantly positive and colorful energy lingering in the air for all to be immersed in.


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